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And just like that its 2018

Well welcome readers to my new shiny blog, 2018 has arrived and I was snoring when it did. Earlier in the evening my wife and I had enjoyed the last of Boxing day (We're British) beef in a makeshift cottage pie. Its not really a recipe worth posting basically blitz an onion in a food processor, followed by a couple of carrots then the beef. Fry off the mix until the carrots are soft then add a splash of beer to deglaze followed by left over gravy. Scoop it all into a ovenproof dish and cover with left over mash potato. Bake for 35mins in a 350F/175C and enjoy. It was that kind of night where the call of leftovers was louder that something with more pizzazz.

The whole lead up to the new year was quite a blur, on Dec 16th we had returned from visiting our home in Cornwall (UK) and bam!! we had to hit the ground running. Presents to buy, food to buy and prepare as our local family were arriving in a week. So hopefully this explains why I was snoring my way when the ball dropped start…

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